Our Custom Costume Commissions Policies


Online Store

The prices listed in our online store are for the item as described in the sizes listed. Of course, alterations to design and additional sizes can be made, but additional charges will apply. Select items do have option selectors that allow you to personalize your garment a bit, please contact us if you have other requests.

Custom made to order garments and costumes are made to fit the person who will be wearing it and are subject to the below listed policies.  Items marked marked Ready to Ship are available for immediate shipment are the items that are clearly marked READY TO SHIP and are limited to the size and style listed and not subject to any changes. 

Items from the Ready to Ship and Sewing Pattern Categories are shipped typically within 1-5 business days. Shipping times for all other items are listed in the listing and vary due to the complexity of the item. Please email if you need an item for a specific date and we will see what we can do. Of course, the stores are just a sample of what can be done, so please let us know if you are looking for something specific.

Custom Design Commissions

We work with clients near and far and am always up for a new project. Email or call to discuss your ideas for a custom commission to correen@correenscdesigns.com.  If you have a photographs or sketches, please attach them to your email. We take pride in our own creativity and look forward to working with you to create the piece you were imagining. Please do not ask us to copy another designer's work exactly, it is wrong and we just will not do it. For character costumes, we will do our best to create an amazing interpretation that will be sure to please.   During the inquiry process, we will discuss your project briefly with you to determine a rough estimate. If you decide to move forward, a deposit of 50% of the given estimate will be necessary to keep the project moving. After your deposit is paid, we will go to work on sketches of how your garment may look, coordinating your fabric and trim options, researching historical and other practical details necessary to bring the piece to life.


The best way to reach us to discuss details is via email. Sometimes it is easier to explain details over the phone, we do ask that you send an email after the conversation to reiterate key points so we can have the information handy for reference. We will do the same if we contact you with a question to confirm we understand each other.

Pricing and Custom Sewing Rates

Prices for featured designs are for the design as shown in the sizes listed. Additional charges apply for other sizes and/or changes made to featured designs. For custom costume commissions, our labor rate for design and sewing services is $25.00 per hour plus fabric, trims, and a notions fee. All time spent researching, gathering materials, drafting patterns, constructing, decorating, fitting, and preparing the garment for shipping are subject to the labor rate. For most sewing orders, the notions fee is $10.00. The notions fee, however, may vary depending on the notions necessary for the garment's construction. The notions fee covers the cost of zippers, buttons, thread, and other items necessary for construction.

Estimates, Deposits and Getting your Order on the Schedule

Costumes, dresses, and garments that have a set price will be expected to be paid in full prior to beginning. If a set price item is requested with changes to be made to the costume design or in a different size, the set price is expected to be paid as a deposit and an additional invoice will be sent for any additional charges incurred and must be paid prior to shipping or delivery. Of course we will be in communication this whole time to avoid any surprises. 

For custom designed garments, a rough estimate will be given prior to starting. Due to varying material costs, it is very hard to give an exact estimate prior to starting work. I do my best to keep our customers informed and am used to working with many different budgets. Details and items added to the garment by the client during the construction process will add to the final cost. You will be informed of an approximate cost for those additions at the time of your request. A deposit of 50% of the given estimate will be required to begin any work. This deposit is non-refundable and will be applied toward your final balance. 

We do offer payment plans January - July. If you need to make payments, you may select the Costume Deposit option, checkout, and submit your measurements to secure the date. A PayPal invoice for the balance with due date will be sent to the email provided at checkout. You are welcome to make payments as you wish, but the final balance must be paid in full by the 1st of the month of the delivery month chosen.

Getting Your Order on the Schedule An order is considered received after the following three items are received: 

1. The online store order information or an email or written document detailing the request for custom commissions 

2. Completed item payment or paid deposit invoice. Deposits are typically paid using Paypal and I will send you an invoice for the amount necessary to get started.

3. A completed Measurement Worksheet.   

Canceling an Order

Should an order need to be cancelled, a 75% refund will be given for up to 7 days after order placement. 25% is kept for the spot on the schedule that was held for you and to cover materials and time that already went into the order. No refunds are given after 7 days. 


Sizing and Measurements

Designs are typically based on standard American size proportions. However, I request further information to ensure a proper fit. Each item in the online Store will state if a form is required or not. The form will need to be completed and emailed back in order for me to place your garment order on the schedule. I will make the item according to the information provided. I cannot be responsible for fitting issues caused by mistaken measurements - please measure carefully. If you wish to forgo completing the form, any fitting issues are your responsibility. If you are dieting, please keep me informed of progress before your item is started. Form can be located on our website.  Complete the form fields and return as an email attachment to correen@correenscdesigns.com 

Please ask questions if you are unsure about any part of the measuring process. Please use a cloth measuring tape and provide information in inches.

Local clients, I will take any applicable measurements at your consultation appointment and additional fittings can be arranged to ensure proper fit.

Completion Times and Rush Fees

Each listing in our store will have a Delivery Options tab to select when you would like your costume delivered.  Your order will be completed in the month selected in the order it was received.  If you are making payments on your costume, the balance is required to be paid off by the first of the month you are scheduled in to keep on that month's schedule.  

If an order is needed sooner than my next available spot on the schedule a rush fee will apply. 

The following scale will apply for 2018.  Items are priced according to complexity and of course more complex items take a lot more to get it done on time and therefore will be subject to the Rush fee. 


Orders $50-100 - $25 Rush Fee 

Orders $101-$125 - $50 Rush Fee 

Orders $126-299 - $100 Rush Fee 

Orders $300-600 - $200 Rush Fee

Orders $601 and up - $300 Rush Fee 


Orders $50-$100 - $50 Rush Fee 

Orders $101-125 - $75 Rush Fee 

Orders $126-299 - $150 Rush Fee 

Orders $300-600 - $300 Rush Fee

Orders $601 and up - $400 Rush Fee 

Please understand that when an order is "Rushed" the extra cost covers the cost of the juggling, longer hours, extra hands and effort necessary to get your order out the door to accommodate your timing all the time making sure the client who was in that spot is not effected. You will be responsible for expedited shipping charges necessary for both getting your fabric here and getting the finished piece to you. I will send you your shipping options the day before shipment. A seperate  invoice for shipping charges will need to be paid before the item will be shipped. If you are interested utilizing this option, please contact me first.  Rush options are built into the listings, however, they need to be discussed in advance so we can make sure we can accommodate the request.

Halloween and Holiday Orders

Please be aware that Halloween costume orders begin coming in June and availability, completion times and pricing structures may vary a bit due to the busy season. Please order early to avoid disappointment as we can only accommodate so many and we are usually sold out by the end of August for larger custom orders. 

The following time frames will be  available for custom costumes

1. SHIP BY 10/5 – Orders placed with this time frame selected will ship before 10/5.

2. SHIP BY 10/25 – Orders placed with this time frame selected will ship between 10/5 and 10/25. 

3. November – Orders placed with this time frame will ship between 11/5 and 11/30. 

4. December – Orders placed with this time frame will ship between 12/4 and 12/22. 

Orders placed are lined up on a first come first serve basis and measurements are due within 24 hours after placing your order.  Your order is NOT SCHEDULED until the form is returned.      

We do our best to make sure everyone is accommodated as quickly as possible but with such a heavy demand, we can only fill a certain number of orders. Due to the high demand for certain costumes offered it may be necessary for to stop accepting custom commissions (new projects) in late July/early August, so if you are interested in a special project, please contact us as soon as possible. 

During the Halloween season, prompt payment and return of the measurement form are vital to how quick your order can be completed. Delaying the return of the measurement form by even a few hours could me someone jumped ahead of you on the schedule.  Believe us when we say, It gets CRAZY!!

Should an event pop up and you need to change your shipping, applicable rush fees will apply, IF we are able to move you up.  

For Holiday orders, please your order before December 1st. Orders placed after December 1st may be subject to a rush fee and availability to accommodate you will be limited.  All Holiday orders will be processed and out for delivery by December 20th so we can close up shop and be with our families.  

Payment and Shipping Methods

PayPal, Credit Cards, Cashiers Checks and Money Orders are all accepted. We use PayPal to process credit cards as methods of payment for both custom and online orders. Invoices for deposits and final balances are typically sent via PayPal unless other arrangements are made. Please be advised when paying by e-check, clearance typically takes 5-7 days and your order will note placed on the schedule until we are notified of the check clearing. For Cashiers Checks and money orders, we allow 3 business days after receipt for your check or money order to clear before beginning or shipping an order. 

We ship primarily the United States Postal Service Priority or Express Mail. Rates according to package size, weight and your address. 

For Canada and international addresses, please inquire about shipping rates. I know Duty charges are a pain, but I complete the forms honestly as required by law.  It is illegal to lie, so please do not ask.  

If you prefer to use FedEx, a FedEx account or credit card number must be provided for billing. If you have a UPS account, you are welcome to supply the number for us to bill your shipping charges to as well.  We have a driver pick up at our studio every day so it is not a problem if you choose this route.  

Satisfaction and Return Policy

We do our best to communicate with our customers to get a clear picture of what they are looking for. We are confident in our sewing and creative abilities and strive to provide quality items at fair prices. If for any reason, you are not quite happy with your order, we will work with you to come to a resolution. 

Please call right away if an issue should arise. Issues need to be reported within 5 days of receipt per the records of the delivery service used. DO NOT WEAR or USE the garment until issue is resolved. Once an item is purchased it is custom made for the person who will be wearing it. Due to this custom service, returns are not considered. Care instructions will be provided for each item and our work is guaranteed, however, mistreatment care for any item is not. Please follow the care instructions given careful.  You will be responsible for any necessary repairs or replacement costs for items not properly cared for. 

Photo Sharing Credits

We love to see you smile and love to see pictures of our clients in our garments. If you happen to have professional photographs you would like to share for our marketing purposes, we will offer a credit of $40 an image for future orders. Please submit jpg file images watermarked by your photographer. Both you and your photographer will be mentioned wherever the photograph appears. We are requesting to use the images for our marketing with your permission, copyright ownership stays with the appropriate parties.  

Correen's Creative Designs Policies Updated April 25, 2018

Correen's Creative Designs LLC reserves the right to change any of the above mentioned policies at their discretion at any time, with or without notice.